Wax & Wine

It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through the first month of 2019! The two of us are planning some website updates, events, and much more for this year. In the meantime, we want to share our experience from last month at Wax + Wine (a fun studio space where you can make candles and drink wine!), in honor of Lauren’s 27th birthday.

Think about one of your best friends. Now, what scent do you think describes them? A strange question, we know! This is something our party wrestled with at Wax + Wine, when asked what scent would best describe Lauren. We noted that Lauren is smart, sassy, and quick-witted, which you know to be true if you’ve ever met her. Ultimately, we failed at choosing a scent, but all agreed that lavender is a nice scent to keep us calm and grounded when needed most. After some hilarious introductions and ice-breakers, we went through the process of making our own candles with help from the amazing Wax + Wine staff.

All of us walked through the Scent Cellar, and wrote down specific fragrances that we enjoyed. We won’t reveal who liked the sensual fragrances the most, but the laughs and wine were certainly flowing! Check out some of the photos below to see our trip to the Scent Cellar, the process of choosing fragrances, and how we made our own unique candles.

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The tricky part of this process is at the very end, when you’re asked to combine your scents, with a ratio you create yourself. Then, you mix those scents with the hot wax for a short, timed period (thank goodness staff kept time for us!). If you successfully follow instructions, the end result is a beautiful candle, mixed with a lot of great memories.

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Since the party was in honor of Lauren’s birthday, I (Alexis) couldn’t finish this post without adding in some extra love and appreciation for Lauren, and our friendship. This friendship has been filled with so many hilarious stories, ups and downs, that I’ve definitely forgotten some. But at its core, is a strong bond, formed on a small college campus 6 years ago. I’m grateful for Lauren’s constant encouragement and support, and partnership in numerous endeavors. I look forward to many more laughs, drinks, and stories to tell. Here’s to 2019, our best year yet!!

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Our featured pairing for this month is Liberty Creek’s Sweet Red Wine, which everyone at the party couldn’t get enough of. Tasting notes below!

“Sweet Red is a blend of red wines that yield a fresh fruit forward taste. This brilliant wine captures the flavors and aromas of rich, ripe fruit. Typically characterized by sweet berry notes, it has a soft finish and refreshing mouth feel… Sweet Red is soft and sweet with layers of bright cherry and wild boysenberry flavors, and a silky smooth finish.”


Reclaiming Our Time


Now that we are are just over a month into 2018, we decided to think about the past year, and how we can better care for ourselves. Below we outlined the processes we followed to plan for a productive 2018, and our purpose for doing so. We also compiled a list of tips we learned along the way in our “Reclaiming Our Time Checklist.”

Lauren’s Process

Each December I find myself analyzing the outgoing year, I assess my wins and losses, and most importantly identify how I can make the upcoming year more successful than the prior.

One goal that I set in preparation for this year, was to find balance and ensure my personal well-being in the midst of life’s demand–in other words, I am reclaiming my time in 2018. I made the decision that I would not give situations and individuals that do not uplift me, my time or energy. Moreover, I committed to set boundaries particularly in my professional life.

Alexis’ Process

I’m not typically one for creating resolutions or setting new goals with each new year, but recently I stopped to reflect on why exactly this is the case.

I tend to joke with my friends about how every year will be my year, and how unstoppable I will be once the calendar resets to January 1. When reality hits, and all is said and done, each December I’m left feeling like there is more I could have done– personally, professionally, etc. Honestly, I place so much value in doing my very best to support other people that I lose myself in the process; I invest my energy, time, and resources into everyone else’s success and forget to do the same for me.

To that end, this year I am ready. Ready to invest in me, and my ambitions. Because no one can advocate for me better than myself. I’m ready to be intentional and thoughtful about where I expend effort, and to whom I give my full attention.

Reclaiming our Time Checklist:
•Find comfort in saying No
•Recognize & accept that we are all a work in progress
•Be aware of our mental, spiritual, & physical well-being
•Implement boundaries wherever necessary (and stick to them)
•Participate in uplifting & reciprocal spaces

Most importantly, finding new wine to taste, and enjoy with friends! The wine we’ve chosen to pair with this post is Julia James Pinot Noir. Described as a “tribute to the future,” this medium-bodied red has a hint of spice. Full tasting notes below!

“Julia James Pinot Noir stands apart in balance, structure, and elegance. Fresh, lively, and easy to enjoy with delightful aromas of raspberry, flora and baking spices. Medium-bodied with bright acidity that showcases notes of cherry, vanilla, and well-integrated oak. The lingering finish incorporates harmonious berry and earth flavors. Ideal food pairings include savory pork dishes, hearty salmon preparations, and grilled vegetables.”