Rosé All Day

Can you believe we’re already in August? With summer starting to wind down, we thought it would be a great idea to squeeze in a fun field trip. Last month, we traveled to New York with friends to visit Rosé Mansion— a wine bar, amusement park and museum of science for wine! We were NOT disappointed. 

Rosé Mansion is everything you might expect, and more. We were immediately greeted by “flight attendants,” who explained what we could anticipate throughout our experience, handed our keepsake wine glasses, and given a brief history and science lesson about the magical drink that is rosé. From the moment we entered the mansion, to the moment we hopped on the escalator to exit, there were a wide variety of colorful backgrounds, themed rooms, and props to take photos with. We wasted no time trying our first wine, and taking photos as opportunities presented themselves! 

In one of the next rooms, we each took a quiz by following a map on the floor in order to help us decide which wine to try. For example, one question asked about our salsa order. We each landed in a different spot, but still decided to try the semi-sweet and sweet options. Everyone was pleased! After this “choose your own adventure” space, we landed in multiple rooms that were an instagram influencer’s dream. We had so much fun laughing, drinking, and taking pictures in rooms full of rose petals, confetti, and a sparkling ball pit. I think we all agree that this trip was the perfect excuse to take a break, relax and unwind. Here are some more photos from our experience at Rosé Mansion: 

One of our favorite wines from our trip through the mansion was Banfi Piemonte Rose Regale, which is a sweet red sparkling wine. This sparkling red wine is made from Brachetto d’Acqui in Piedmont, Italy. Legend has it that both Julius Caesar and Marc Antony sent Brachetto wine as gifts to Cleopatra. In turn, the empress had her lovers drink the wine to unleash their passion! Therefore, it is only fitting that the room we tasted this wine in was called Cleopatra’s Palace. The two of us and our friend Ernest couldn’t move on with the tour until we took a picture on our own thrones. 

We highly recommend making a trip out to Rosé Mansion if you get the chance! It was great to go with a group, and there is so much to do and see that you never feel bored. And if you want more after you finish the wine tasting portion, you can purchase other drinks like frosé while you sit on a swing in a cute cabana! 

Our trip didn’t stop there. We made our way to Dallas BBQ to refuel, and enjoy some (massive) delicious drinks. This is also a good time to shoutout Lauren, who packed all of us snacks and additional drinks for the road. 

Our main takeaway from this experience is that friends (and wine) are THE BEST. No one else will love and support you, take your photos in the best lighting, and pop out of a fake cake to throw confetti with you like your friends will. Keep the good ones close, because they’ll always have your back. 

This month’s featured wine is Banfi Piemonte Rose Regale, mentioned in the post. Tasting notes below!

This sparkling sweet red tastes of “fresh raspberries, with crisp acidity, enticing the palate with an initial softness, graduating to a clean and dry finish.” With a festive cranberry color, this wine is “aromatic with hints of raspberries, strawberries, and rose petals.”


Flower Power: Stop & Smell the Rosé

This past weekend, we visited the 2019 Philadelphia Flower Show, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. A popular attraction in Philadelphia since 1829, this annual tradition — which is the world’s oldest and largest indoor event of its kind —  draws more than 250,000 people to Philadelphia each year. This year’s theme is Flower Power,” which pays homage to the 1960’s psychedelic culture, and the impact that flowers have on society, as this is the 50th year anniversary of the Woodstock Festival.

The Flower Show revenue supports the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s (PHS) greening efforts, which help connect people through horticulture, and work together to create beautiful, healthy and sustainable communities. The following slideshow is a small snapshot of the many exhibits we experienced and vendors we saw:

While we explored the different arrangements and vendor tables, we had some time to catch up with one another, and think about the various projects we’ve collaborated on over the past few years. As always, we wound up laughing about some of our favorite memories (while searching for the nearest wine vendor!). It’s amazing to think about how much has happened over the past few years, and how much we’ve grown since we first met six years ago. We are both very excited about what the future has in store, and can’t wait to share more with everyone soon! Below are some themes that were reinforced during our visit to the Flower Show:

  • Enjoy your time away from work
  • Make time for friends (We say this often, and it’s always worth a reminder!)
  • Be willing to try something new
  • Appreciate and explore your city’s local culture
  • Find time to stop and smell the flowers
  • Give people flowers while they can smell them

Our wine pairing for this month is the Domaine Chandon California Sparkling Rosé. Tasting notes below!

“This rosé is a pretty pink with intense ripe strawberry, juicy watermelon, and fresh red cherry fruit aromas and flavors. On the palate, this wine is creamy and seductive with a defined structure from the Pinot Noir added in its final stages.”


Adulting Makes Me Wine

It’s often said in professional settings that it’s not often what you know, but rather who you know, which makes the difference, and that has certainly proven true for us. As we’ve navigated our professional and civic roles, it has become apparent that being intentional to cultivate a diverse and supportive network matters; these are the people who will not just provide wisdom, but also career advice and potential opportunities. Furthermore, we have learned the importance of thinking long-term; you may not be able to collaborate with everyone you meet right away, so it is imperative to sustain connections and ensure that every relationship you participate in is mutually beneficial.

Just recently, we were able to partner with the Urban League of Philadelphia’s young professional affinity group, NExT Philadelphia, for an event entitled The Art of Networking. The program featured award-winning journalist, Ernest Owens.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ernest shared his 10 Commandments for Networking in order to advance both personally and professionally. Some of the major takeaways from his presentation are:

Be intentional with your brand and how you engage with others.

Be clear on your ask (if you have one).

Be patient.

Be authentic. Are you truly there to network, or to find love instead?

This Valentine’s Day (with a hint of sarcasm), we thought we’d share our most memorable networking experiences. If you’ve ever experienced anything similar, or have your own interesting networking stories, we want to hear about it!

  • When someone your friend was dating, tells your friend they are out of town on business, but you meet them at a networking event that same night, proving that they were lying…
    • You never know who other people know, so always be honest.
  • When your mentor (and former colleague) strategically blurs professional lines and suggests that you two would make excellent travel companions, and should take a vacation together, since everyone they know is married.
    • Choose your mentors/professional relationships wisely, and look for warning signs. On the flip side, don’t be a creep. It’s not a good look.
  • When someone you met at a networking event attempts to date you,  but they are actually in a relationship. After you address their deceptive ways, they intentionally try to avoid you, and attempt to befriend your friends at future networking events in your presence.
    • Be cognizant of how you conduct yourself with individuals you meet in professional spaces, you never know how your paths may cross again.
  • When a LinkedIn connection helps you with a simple work matter, then repeatedly messages you, visits your office unannounced and flirts, with a goal of making highly unreasonable professional requests. 
    • Set clear boundaries and expectations, and respect those that others set with you.

Our wine pairing for this month is Bursel Black’s Jender Blush wine, which was featured at Haute Restaurant & Lounge for the networking event. Tasting notes below!

“With Jender Blush you can taste the beauty of Bursel Black’s debut varietal, consisting of a Chardonnay, Cabernet, and a sweet Riesling blend. The wine pours a pretty light red, and its perfume lures with an invitation to a rich-bodied, fruity experience and a lingering finish.”

Bursel Black is a locally-owned black wine company, and you can find out more about the company here.


More Wine Please!

Last month, Lauren hosted a vision board party for her closest friends. The night provided plenty of fun and relaxation, as well as an opportunity to enjoy great food and wine! In preparation for the event, Lauren asked guests to bring a bottle of their favorite wine, so the group could try them as they made vision boards.

The conversation was full of laughter, and provided a huge release, after what had been a hectic time for most of the group. Throughout the evening, we were able to catch up regarding professional updates such as new jobs, personal endeavors such as upcoming weddings, and various civic engagement projects.

As we began to look through the magazines and stickers, we were able to reflect on where we all were individually, and what things we might aspire to do in the future. It was the perfect time to think about the goals that we repeatedly think about, but have yet to put in motion. Throughout the evening, guests made their way to the dining room for more wine as new bottles were opened, to taste the many red and white wine options available.  After we finished our vision boards, each person had an opportunity to discuss theirs, and say what we hope to accomplish in 2019. Some of the common goals were: to find happiness, save money, live healthier lifestyles, and be intentional about our respective goals.

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Anytime women come together, something magical happens! The environment is infused with optimism, possibility, and encouragement, which is good for the soul. It is so easy to get caught up in life’s competing demands, that we often feel guilty for taking time to simply do nothing, or have fun. The old adage, “you cannot pour from an empty cup,” is so true. It is imperative to create and seek spaces that recharge you. Some key takeaways from the event were:

  • Make time to connect with friends
  • Take time to reflect, and be intentional when setting goals
  • Speak things to existence. Words manifest reality.
  • Create a supportive network to serve as accountability partners
  • Wine makes everything better!

Our wine pairing for this post is Apothic Rosé 2017, which is one of the bottles we tried that evening. Full tasting notes below!

Apothic Rosé contains layers of strawberry and watermelon, with a hint of raspberry, for a refreshing wine that is light in color, yet dark in nature.


Time to Wine Down

In August, Seated hosted another evening of great food, wine, and conversation, this time at Ristorante Aroma, located in Center City. The Italian BYOB features Italian specialities from northern and southern Italy. The menu is curated by Head Chef and Co-Owner, Antonio Cardillo, who in fact was born and raised in Italy. 

The cocktail hour and dinner provided a great opportunity to learn more about the fellow bloggers that were present. All the bloggers have interesting stories, regarding how they got involved in blogging, and how they determined the focus of their blogs. During dinner we were able to discuss our families, friendships, careers, our goals for our blogs. It was awesome to meet such accomplished and inspiring women, who found community through blogging. After a hectic day, it was a perfect way to wind down.

For dinner, Ristorante Aroma served us four amazing courses, including 3 dynamic appetizers, a sampling a three pastas, and entree of our choice. By the time the entrees and dessert arrived, there was a general consensus that everyone was stuffed, but could not resist tasting the main course and the marvelous dessert options.

Below is a copy of the menu we enjoyed along with some pictures of the great food.

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 2.38.22 PM

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I must say one highlight of the evening for our table was the Terre Siciliane IGP Rosato. It was our drink of choice the whole evening.

A few of our takeaways from this experience:

  1. Try local restaurants– Once you have your favorite go to restaurants, particularly chain restaurants it is easy to get in a habit of dining at those establishments. However it is great to support local restaurants, like Ristorante Aroma who have authentic menus, with great flare. Moreover, you are often able to try new types of food, learn more about the inspiration for the menu,  curate an intimate experiences, and develop a great repertoire/relationship with the establishment.
  2. Dream BIG– One question that came up often during the event, was “what’s your vision for your blog?”. As we have continued this process with Sarcasm, & Wine, we have have thought of this often, dreaming of the possibilities. That evening our fellow bloggers provided great insight and encouragement, and told us the possibilities are endless– reminding us to dream big, be consistent, be patient, and continue to grow our network.
  3. Have fun-Even passion projects can become burdensome, and become one more thing to do on your checklist. However, when you step back and remember why you started the project to begin with, it puts things in perspective. Although we have certain goals for the blog, taking the time to celebrate the milestones big or small, and enjoying the ride is part of what keeps us going. It’s even better when we are able to find opportunities to allow us to do both, enjoy great food and wine, meet great people, and develop content along the way.

Unsurprisingly, our pairing for this month is the Terre Siciliane IGP Rosato. In keeping with the stylistic freedom of the IGT category, Terre Siciliane IGT wines can be made in virtually any style: red, white or rosé, still or sparkling, dry or sweet. Tasting notes are below!

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 2.00.10 PM

The Terre Siciliane IGP Rosato is bright pink, and taste like spices, and flowers. The herbs complement red berries on the nose and in the mouth. At once “dense and juicy, with the light red fruit flavors and floral notes carrying through on the persistent finish, which features an underbrush nuance.”

Cool fact: For every Seated reservation, they donate one meal to every child in need through ShareTheMeal, the app from the United Nations World Food Programme. When you book reservations through the Seated app, you are rewarded in credit (that could be used for your next Lyft ride), for trying great restaurants like Ristorante Aroma.