There’s Always Something to be Grateful for, Including Wine!

Now that the holiday season is upon us, we think it’s the perfect time to reflect. This year has had its share of highs and lows, but we’ve been reminded of the need to be grateful for everything good that has come to pass. During this holiday, we encourage you to find time for yourself to not only reflect, but to consider all that you are grateful for. We both commit to be more intentional, and to express our gratitude daily, as it’s often easy to focus on everything that is not going well in our lives. Here are some ways that we plan to practice gratitude moving forward: 

  1. Live with an abundance mindset  
  2. Keep a gratitude journal 
  3. Openly express your gratitude to others
  4. Give thanks for one good thing each day
  5. Pay it forward 

As you reflect on what you can do to show your thanks and gratitude daily, make time and space to be kind to yourself. A large part of developing the best version of yourself is certainly being kind to others, but most importantly being kind to yourself. As we focus on abundance, we are more likely to manifest positivity around us. We encourage you to see each day as a new opportunity to grow and further develop the best parts of yourself… just don’t forget to enjoy great wine with equally great people! 

Our featured wine for this month is B. Leighton “Gratitude” Yakima Valley Red Blend. This wine is described as “beautiful, luscious and alive – Gratitude opens up to blackberry, violet and mint. Yet reaches back and flows with complex notes of lemon thyme, orange zest, morels and marjoram. Rich, yet elegant and lovely to drink. It finishes with crushed rock, white pepper and baking spices. Another wine to be thankful for.”

Blend: 70% Mourvèdre, 25% Grenache, 5% Syrah.


Sip Happens!

We can all agree that even the best laid plans can go awry at any moment. This past month, we’ve both had our share of cringe-worthy moments, and times that gave us pause. Through it all, we were constantly reminded how important it is to show up as our authentic selves and stay true to our values. Real life is certainly not a fairytale, nor is it full of clickable moments that can be summed up through a cliché caption on Instagram. Sometimes it’s difficult, messy, and full of challenges. However, if we are unapologetically ourselves and seek support from the people and spaces that energize us, we’re better prepared for any adventures—good or bad— that life throws our way. Regularly practicing those behaviors leaves room for us to embrace moments of fulfillment, happiness and joy with open arms.  

Over the last few weeks, the two of us have been able to connect more than once in person, which is a considerable feat as life continues to pull us in a million directions! We were thankful to spend time together and catch up over great food and wine, and we will carry those times with us until we are able to see one another again. These outings served as timely reminders that when less-than ideal situations arise, we have to make the most of them, and then go laugh about them with our friends and at least two bottles of wine…

Sip happens! It’s how we recover that counts. Here are some important reminders in times of chaos:

  • Keep your friends close, and keep your wine closer!
  • Your current issue/situation will definitely make for a good happy hour story at some point.
  • It doesn’t feel like it now, but life finds a way of balancing out.
  • Take it one day at a time.
  • It’s okay not to be okay. Seriously.
  • Listen to yourself, you always know what’s best for you.
  • Seek gratitude even in the most trying of situations.

Our featured wine of the month is Elmo Pio Sweet Red. The growing popularity of sweet red wine has prompted many wine companies to create sweet reds that are a blend of many different grapes with added sugar and sometimes other flavors. This isn’t the case with Elmo Pio! Their Sweet Red isn’t a blend, and is 100% Italian Brachetto D’Acqui grapes. This grape, grown in the Piemonte region of Italy, is known for its’s fruity flavor and unmistakable aromas of rose petals. Full tasting notes below:

“Sweet Red has a touch of frizzante. Because of the lighter alcohol content, this wine is bright and has a deliciously fresh fruity taste with aromas of black raspberry and black cherry. Enjoy with friends on a warm summer evening or served with fresh fruit desserts or chocolates!”


I Don’t Complain, I Wine.

Sometimes life can be downright hard, between managing all of our responsibilities for work, familial commitments, volunteer obligations, and even our health. On top of these responsibilities, life happens fast, and our best-laid plans can fall apart in an instant!

Regardless of what life throws at us, we have to remember that bad times don’t last forever, and it is the rough times that prepare us for what’s ahead. Through our individual and collective experiences, one word that often rises to the top for us is the word resilience. Resilience is defined as the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; or having elasticity. It is inevitable that things go awry, but it’s not about what happens to you, it’s how you respond to each setback that counts. While it is always fine to take time to heal and reset, at some point we have to decide to move forward, and not let one moment in time dictate our life’s trajectory.

This month, we want to highlight just how important it is to ask for help when needed, whether that means reaching out to a mental health professional, or to a friend to process what we’re going through. Interestingly enough, when we decided to create Sarcasm, Wine & Everything Fine, the two of us were meeting up for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory to catch up on life. We were working through career and personal hurdles, and it was wonderful to have someone to talk to.

Here are some lessons we learned over the years, when navigating our own difficult situations:

  • Forgive yourself
  • Be authentic with yourself and others
  • Know your worth and add tax
  • Find what brings you peace (and hold onto it)
  • Be comfortable being uncomfortable
  • Remember that no one has it all figured out
  • Lean on those close to you for support
  • Life goes on

And please, check on the strong ones!

This month’s wine pairing is Obvious Wines’ No. 3 Light & Lively. With all of life’s constant, competing demands, Obvious Wines makes life a little easier on all of us, “because you shouldn’t need a Ph.D. to drink wine.” Fun fact: Obvious Wines struck a deal with Lori Greiner from the popular show Shark Tank, and received a total investment of $160,000. Tasting notes below!

“Soft, light, and lively, this easy drinking wine opens with dark cherry and cinnamon, with a touch of vanilla. Layered beneath that are balanced notes of plum and black pepper with a hint of mint and clove.”


Wax & Wine

It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through the first month of 2019! The two of us are planning some website updates, events, and much more for this year. In the meantime, we want to share our experience from last month at Wax + Wine (a fun studio space where you can make candles and drink wine!), in honor of Lauren’s 27th birthday.

Think about one of your best friends. Now, what scent do you think describes them? A strange question, we know! This is something our party wrestled with at Wax + Wine, when asked what scent would best describe Lauren. We noted that Lauren is smart, sassy, and quick-witted, which you know to be true if you’ve ever met her. Ultimately, we failed at choosing a scent, but all agreed that lavender is a nice scent to keep us calm and grounded when needed most. After some hilarious introductions and ice-breakers, we went through the process of making our own candles with help from the amazing Wax + Wine staff.

All of us walked through the Scent Cellar, and wrote down specific fragrances that we enjoyed. We won’t reveal who liked the sensual fragrances the most, but the laughs and wine were certainly flowing! Check out some of the photos below to see our trip to the Scent Cellar, the process of choosing fragrances, and how we made our own unique candles.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The tricky part of this process is at the very end, when you’re asked to combine your scents, with a ratio you create yourself. Then, you mix those scents with the hot wax for a short, timed period (thank goodness staff kept time for us!). If you successfully follow instructions, the end result is a beautiful candle, mixed with a lot of great memories.

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Since the party was in honor of Lauren’s birthday, I (Alexis) couldn’t finish this post without adding in some extra love and appreciation for Lauren, and our friendship. This friendship has been filled with so many hilarious stories, ups and downs, that I’ve definitely forgotten some. But at its core, is a strong bond, formed on a small college campus 6 years ago. I’m grateful for Lauren’s constant encouragement and support, and partnership in numerous endeavors. I look forward to many more laughs, drinks, and stories to tell. Here’s to 2019, our best year yet!!

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Our featured pairing for this month is Liberty Creek’s Sweet Red Wine, which everyone at the party couldn’t get enough of. Tasting notes below!

“Sweet Red is a blend of red wines that yield a fresh fruit forward taste. This brilliant wine captures the flavors and aromas of rich, ripe fruit. Typically characterized by sweet berry notes, it has a soft finish and refreshing mouth feel… Sweet Red is soft and sweet with layers of bright cherry and wild boysenberry flavors, and a silky smooth finish.”


You Had Me At Merlot

Love is scary. It means being vulnerable with someone else, and giving them the opportunity to hurt you. Like most, we both have had our share of interesting experiences when it comes to dating, and had the moments where we say “I’m never doing this again.” However, as time passes you realize that not only do those encounters make you stronger, they also occasionally provide you with moments of laughter– to be shared with good friends over equally great wine! Before we jump into those moments (and the wine), here are some of our lessons learned while dating:

At the top of our list, we realized the importance of remaining open to love, even when previous experiences have left us feeling pessimistic. Lesson two is that there is no formula for the perfect relationship, and each relationship will be vastly different than the last. Lesson three is to feel empowered and supported, in all relationships, both romantic and platonic. And of course, above all, we must remember to have FUN! Otherwise, what are we doing?

Below are some of our crazy, laughable, and real dating experiences. Feel free to guess which moment belongs to whom, and don’t forget to check out our wine pairing of the month! It might be your new Valentine’s Day favorite.

“I don’t think we will work, since you’re not open to visiting a nudist beach”

“Let’s be long-distance friends with benefits.”

“I could be the guy that you think about twenty years from now when you’re married with kids. I’ll be on a beach somewhere, doing whatever.”

“Will you have a threesome with me and my babymom?”

“I really thought when Obama was elected, racism was over.”

“Can I eat cereal out of your dimples in your cheeks?”

“I know it’s our second date, but it’s not too soon to say I love you. Can I put a baby in you?”

This month’s wine pairing is Duckhorn Vineyards’ Napa Valley Merlot. This Merlot is described as “a rich and cohesive expression of the entire Napa Valley, reflecting the varied microclimates and soils of this unique appellation”, with hints of cherry, plum and black fig. Full tasting notes below!

“Combining lovely structure and alluring appeal, this is a classic expression of Duckhorn Vineyards Merlot. Intense aromas of ripe cherry, plum and black fig rise from the glass, underscored by hints of leather and cedar. On the palate, it is lush and supple, with bright acidity and velvety tannins supporting layers of raspberry and black cherry, as well as hints of coffee and chocolate that carry through on the long finish.” Ideal food pairings include meatloaf, BBQ, brisket sliders, and grilled marinated quail.