We’re like Fine Wine, We get Better with Time.

Both of our birthdays are in the fall, which always provides us with time for deep reflection as we mark both these personal milestones, and prepare for the end of the calendar year. 

Each year we get that question, “how does it feel to be a year older?” Although routine, it is something we start to experience differently as we mature. Are we where we want to be and where we expected to be? We know to expect the unexpected aspects of life, and know that they always come with a silver lining. However, we often have moments of anxiety about the unknown, as most people do. The two of us always find a way to come back to the saying, “we are like fine wine, we get better with time!” All of life’s experiences mold us into better versions of who we were just one year ago.

To mark that we are not only heading into a new year, but a new decade, here are our 10 life lessons of the past decade! Let this serve as your opportunity to think of what lessons you’ve learned over the past 10 years, and which ones you will carry into the next 10. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments! 

  1. Love yourself 
  2. Take chances
  3. Set boundaries 
  4. Forgive yourself
  5. Be vulnerable 
  6. Ask for help 
  7. Rest
  8. Never settle 
  9. Embrace the unexpected 
  10. Celebrate wins, big and small!

Since we are celebrating the end and start of a new decade it seems appropriate that we pair this post with a great champagne! The Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut is delicate, elegant and balanced. The striking freshness and vivacity of the floral and fruity fragrances (yellow fruits and fresh fruits) take root, before giving way to subtle notes of vanilla and butter, lending the wine a fruity and consistent character.

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