Befriend the Bartender

At the end of July, we were invited to participate in a dinner event held at Barra Rossa, courtesy of SeatedCool fact: For every Seated reservation, they donate one meal to every child in need through ShareTheMealthe app from the United Nations World Food Programme. When you book reservations through the Seated app, you are rewarded in credit (that could be used for your next Lyft ride), for trying great restaurants like Barra Rossa. 

Seated provided us with free dinner and drinks, and we were impressed!! Not only was the food amazing, the drinks were a perfect, refreshing way to end a long work day. The bartender even whipped up a margarita for Lauren (pictured above), although it wasn’t on the menu.


A few of our takeaways from this experience:

  1. Try new things. We stepped out of our comfort zone to attend this event, and it turned out to be one of the best friend outings we’ve had in a while. While sampling Barra Rossa’s menu, we talked for hours, drank delicious sangria (more on that later…), and had some great laughs.
  2. Seek out community. We heard about this event through the Philadelphia Bloggers Network, which we recently joined after starting our blog. There’s something special about forming community through good food and drink.
  3. Befriend the Bartender!! Possibly the most important piece of advice in this post is to befriend the bartender. Not only did she make us custom drinks, but we also got the recipe for an awesome summer sangria. Which leads us to this month’s featured pairing…

Our wine pairing for August comes in the form of an end-of-summer sangria! Bright, fruity, with a strong finish, you’ll need the following ingredients for this drink:

Peach schnapps

Triple Sec

Pineapple Juice

Your favorite Pinot Grigio

Brandy (one suggestion is Christian Brothers Brandy)


Enjoy, and let us know if you have a favorite sangria recipe!




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